One of the most impressive SPAS in MalagaThe most relaxing SPA

The hotel Fuente del Sol has at its disposal a SPA measuring some 300 square metres in total with a large glass wall affording impressive panoramic views of the Guadalhorce valley. It offers one the possibilty of total relaxation while enjoying the most incredibly beautiful sunsets.

Our SPA is a health establishment which offers treatments, therapies and systems for relaxation using water as its principal element. It is a tool by means of which the body, mind and spirit can come together in perfect harmony and find their equilibrium.

The SPA in Hotel Fuente del Sol will allow you choose those experiences which help you aleviate daily stress and find your personal state of well being. Our facility will help you find peace and tranquility, given that it is a hotel with only 19 rooms so the client never feels overwhelmed and can make use of the place as many times as you wish during the day between the following hours: 11:00 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 19:00.

*Not included in the price of the room: Rate per session and person (12€ + 10% VAT).

Our SPA is equipped with the following installations:Scottish showers, sauna, jacuzzi, turkish bath, heated swimming pool

  • Scottish showers: the scottish shower is based on alternate, sucessive immersions in hot and cold water. The duration of this treatment is seven minutes.
  • Sauna: the sauna is an internal room, made of insulating material and covered over by wood. It is equipped with benches. the principal element of the sauna is its electrical equipment which generates heat thereby heating the air. This in turn leads to an increase in temperature in the sauna. At the same time the level of humidity is minimal because of the way in which the wood absorbs all moisture. The temperature varies between 65 to 80 degrees centigrade with the relative humidity between 5 and 25%.
  • Jacuzzi: Roy Jacuzzi was the first person to incorporate air jets in a standard bath for the pupose of massage. Thanks to Jacuzzi the benefits of hydrotherapy have become a phenomenon which has transformed people’s experience with water. The jacuzzi combines heat, water and air helping one feel rejuvenated and refreshed, while relaxing, reducing stress, alleviating aches and pains, ensuring a better quality of sleep so that you can return like a new person..
  • Turkish bath: the turkish bath is a soothing, relaxing heat of a different intensity to that of the sauna. It uses the benefits of steam and sweat which eliminate toxins from the body and opens the pores and the mind.
  • Heated swimming pool: the Spa has at its disposal a heated swimming pool which maintains a constant temperature of 25 degrees centigrade.