One of the most sought after activities requested by our clients are the excursions on horseback through the area surrounding the Hotel Fuente del Sol. Animal lovers can have a great time riding our horses along the trails especially designed for such a purpose. It is recommended that you experience this incredible adventure in the company of your family, friends or partner.

You will observe horses in semi freedom, discovering how they live, how they eat, the care that they need, and the most important aspects of their behaviour. Moreover during the course of the outing you will have the opportunity to watch and enjoy the incredible wildlife of the south Torcal, observing species such as the vulture, the eagle, the mountain goat, the Pajuna cow etc.

Those who decide to take part in this adventure will receive the basic guidelines for riding, based on natural control which develops in children a sense of respect for animals, nature and the environment.

There is no better way to discover the beauty of the countryside that surrounds us than by riding one of our horses.

We offer our clients two routes, one which will lead you through the Nature Reserve of the Torcal and the other on which you will get to know the Pajuna cow.

No experience of riding is necessary. Our expert in horses will guide you throughou